About Us

SaveCharityHospital.com strives to be an informational advocacy tool with the goal of forcing compromise around the current proposal for a new LSU/VA medical complex. The editors at SaveCharityHospital.com believe that New Orleans would be better served if Charity Hospital were renewed, renovated, and reopened. We believe New Orleans would be better served if the Lower Mid City neighborhood slated for demolition by the current proposal be allowed to continue to exist. We believe that a compromise between LSU, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the residents of New Orleans is both possible, and necessary, to better adhere to our values and priorities as a city.

Thus, we seek to help inform the public about the controversial decisions already being made around the LSU/VA proposal and engage a compromise that better protects the public interest. We also venture to be a more substantive tool for those already leading on this issue and assist other interested parties who wish to become more involved.

This project is designed to be a fluid, dynamic and cooperative endeavor. We will rely heavily on volunteer contributions of content – from original reporting to personal stories, corrections, and comments.

We strive to be fair and accurate but we do not promise to be ‘neutral.’ After looking at the facts and both sides of the argument, we strongly believe that rebuilding Charity Hospital is best solution for the City of New Orleans–for patients, medical professionals, neighbors and taxpayers.

However, just because we hold defined opinions on this matter does not mean we are entitled to our own alternative reality. If you find anything on SaveCharityHospital.com that represents a factual inaccuracy, we beg you to email us with a correction and we will gladly fix it.


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